The Law Firm of Laub & Laub is a Reno Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Criminal, and Family Law Firm offering dedicated, results-oriented legal services to clients throughout Nevada and California. Our law firm takes our responsibility as attorneys giving back to our community very seriously. To that end, the Law Firm of Laub & Laub devotes two days a week to delivery of free legal advice to walk-in members of the public.

At the Law Firm of Laub & Laub, we believe in doing everything we can to help our clients. We are a high tech law firm with the latest and most efficient phones, computers and software. So, no matter how you choose to contact us, you will get a prompt response.

Most importantly: through this law practice, our family has carried on a tradition of love, dedication and a commitment to justice. We believe that this philosophy has led to the success of our firm and our ability to help people improve their quality of life. Our family, attorneys and staff are completely committed to our clients and our communities.

Since the founding of this law practice more than 45 years ago, we have known quality client service. Our advertising is a way to reach out and help the right clients find us right now. We hire the best attorneys we can find. Results matter to us, and they surely matter to you, too. We are very proud of the results obtained for our clients.

Animal Bites
Back & Neck Injury
Bicycle Accident
Brain Injury
Burn Injuries
Bus Accidents
Business & Industry
Business Law
Car Accident
Catastrophic Injuries
Child Support & Custody
Child Visitation
Computer Crime
Credit & Mortgage
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Defense
Criminal Law
Debtor & Creditor
Domestic Violence
Drug Charges
Estate & Trust
Estate Planning
Family Law
Juvenile Crime
Juvenile Law
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motorcycle Accident
Pedestrian Accident
Personal Injury
Premises Liability
Real Estate
Rollover Accident
Sex Crimes
Slip & Fall
Truck Accident
White Collar Crime
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death

Practice Areas DescriptionWe offer legal services in all of the following practice areas:

- Personal Injury

Our personal injury team can assist you with any of the following: Auto accidents; Rear-end accidents; Pedestrian or bicycle accidents; Motorcycle accidents; Trucking accidents; Serious injuries: broken bones, scarring, paralysis, disfigurement, lacerations, burns; Medical malpractice; Premises liability: slip and fall; Worker's compensation; Wrongful death; and Drunk-driver accidents. If you have suffered a personal injury, how you respond to insurance companies may be critical. Our attorneys will deal with the insurance companies directly to protect your rights.

- Workers' Compensation

Our Nevada and California attorneys are prepared to help you file a claim for workers' compensation benefits while also investigating whether a third-party liability claim or lawsuit may offer the opportunity for additional compensation. We are prepared to help you if your employer or the workers' compensation insurer makes things difficult for you. If our law firm is on your side, you can count on us: We will fight for your right to a second medical opinion and the right to see your own doctor, if possible; We will fight for you if your workers' compensation insurer claims that you are ready to go back to work before you feel well enough; and We will fight for you if your legitimate workers' compensation claim is denied.

- Bankruptcy

We are experienced with all of the following: Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Available for individuals interested in protecting their secured assets such as real estate. We can assist you in arranging a payment plan; and Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Can help individuals remove all unsecured debt including credit cards, medical bills, and collections fees. Our attorneys are experienced with bankruptcy court and can assist you in filing bankruptcy to stop garnishments, foreclosures, and harassing calls. Let us help you clear a path to a new financial future. We can help you stop harassing calls from creditors! Our attorneys have helped clients address the following debt matters: Credit Cards; Medical Bills; Collections; Repossessions; and IRS Levies.

- Criminal Law

Our criminal defense lawyers can assist you with defeating the following criminal charges: DUI/drunk driving charges; Vehicular Manslaughter; Drug possession and drug crimes: manufacturing, sales; Juvenile crimes; Domestic violence; Sex crimes: statutory rape, sexual assault, rape, and child sex abuse; White collar crimes: embezzlement, credit card fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy; and Violent crimes: assault, battery, murder. You freedom and the stability of your family are at risk and depend upon proper representation. Protect your constitutional rights!

- Family Law

Our family law attorneys are experienced in handling divorce, child support matters, and a host of other family legal issues. When you are faced with a family dispute that will affect your life and the future of your children, our attorneys can help. We can assist you with any of the following family legal disputes: Divorce: child related issues, asset division, support; Spousal support: alimony; Child custody: relocation, modifications; Visitation and parenting time; Child support; Post-decree modifications: support or custody; Domestic abuse/ restraining orders; and Mediation.

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